By Joyce

1. Ensure that profile picture is a picture of you

Although you might prefer utilizing your company logo or similar avatar for your social media profile, itís best to showcase your actual photograph on such sites. It actually promotes your brand when people see you via your profile pic. They canít do that in case you use a logo, caricature, cartoon character, etc. as the profile pic.

Furthermore, you might like putting up the image which includes your spouse, kids, and maybe a group shot. The fact is, this isnít the best idea. In the end, you do not want persons who see your profile make guesses about who you are within the image. And it isnít that appropriate, particularly when you are trying to grow your brand.

2. Try making it your recent headshot picture which reflects your features openly

A latest headshot can make a perfect profile picture, however ensure it reflects your features visibly. You must ensure people are able to identify you, particularly if they want to meet you personally. Also, a blurry picture or a shot of your whole body isnít a great idea, as this wonít represent you that well.

3. Use a pic which best represents your business

If you are a professional like a doctor or a journalist for instance, a decent photo can be your headshot along with your working area as a background image; you could go either formal or casual as per you preferences. If you are a fashion designer, then you can dress up slightly for showing off your fashion skills. If you are a blogger or a writer, then your profile pic can be a relaxed image of yourself at the worktable.

4. Professional photograph

A professional photograph can truly represent your brand on the web. But ensure that your photographer does not edit or change your appearance too much, as you still need an image to be a perfect representation of your look. A professional picture can be a very good thing, specifically for those looking for a job & desire to make an excellent first impression.

5. Look natural

A natural look can be your choice as this can help individuals relate with you better by seeing your persona. You could make a family member or even your friend capture a happy image of you where you are in a relaxed position & in a relaxed setting.

6. Be consistent with your image

Although you might want to capture different pictures for various social media platforms, its way better if you use only a single photo on a consistent basis on all the social media sites. This can really help recognize you as an individual behind your brand.

Bear one thing in mind - you must really be able to keep track of your "looks" on the web especially on the social networking sites. Ensure your profile image represents in the right manner & always keep an eye on the images you are tagged on & the things you post online.